Concept of substance in jainism

Each of these seven propositions examines the complex and multifaceted reality from a relative point of view of time, space, substance, and mode the concept of anekānta and syādvāda allows the jains to accept the truth in other philosophies from their perspective and thus inculcating a tolerance for. There are numerous jain doctrine's that have been vindicated by science, however my favourite is the concept of 'dravya' (substances) that formulate our universe and are responsible for its operation i will restrict my answer to precisely this su. Bk matilal, the central philosophy of jainism (ahmedabad: 1977) • y j padmarajiah, jaina theories of reality and knowledge (bombay: 1963) • j soni , “basic jaina epistemology,” philosophy east and west 50 (2000), 367-77 • f van den bossche, “jain relativism: an attempt at understanding,” in. A) to explain the concept of soul in jaina philosophy b) to analysis, how can soul liberation in jainism concept of soul jainism is realistic pluralistic it believes in the reality of world with all the plural objects in it according to jainism a jiva or a soul is a conscious substance consciousness is the essence of the soul. Jain concept of reality with special reference amongst the multitude of philosophies jain philosophy provides answer to this questions substances they are medium of motion, the medium of rest, space, soul and matter” 5 in this conversation time is not regarded as a separate substance but is included. 5 how does one define a specific attribute (vishesh guna) any attribute, which is present in only one universal substance but is absent in the other five substances, is called a specific attribute 6 how many common attributes are there as such, there are many common attributes but, for our understanding, we need only. This article looks at the concept of karma in jainism the jain idea of karma is much more elaborate and mechanistic than that found in some other eastern religions karma is a physical substance jains believe that karma is a physical substance that is everywhere in the universe karma particles are. The brahmans taught the division of society into rigidly delineated castes, and a doctrine of reincarnation guided by karma, or merit brought about by the moral qualities of actions while jainism is dualistic—that is, matter and souls are thought to be entirely different types of substance—it is frequently said to be atheistic.

Jaina metaphysics by achakravarti , jainism and teaching of jain dharma in examining the nature of dravya, we may attend to the underlying permanent substance or the changing modes the former this rejects the theory that the soul is a minute atom situated inside the particular organ of the body ie, the heart. Six universal entities (substances or dravyas) - jain structural view of the universe jain philosophy does not give credence to the theory that the god is a creator, survivor, or destroyer of the universe on the contrary, it asserts that the universe has always existed and will always exist in exact dherence to the laws of the. The presumption of two special substances dharma and adharma is a characteristic speciality of jainism since these two words do not appear in sanskrit language in this special meaning, the researchers dealing for the first time with jaina-philosophy did not understanding their meaning and explained.

Compendium of jainism – 2015 b01 - fundamental beliefs of jainism the following list summarizes the major beliefs of jainism: the universe is without a beginning or an end, and is everlasting and eternal no one has created it and no one can destroy it six fundamental substances or entities known as dravya constitute. Substance(s) as well as its/their place in the broader map of reality proposed by kundakunda and umāsvāti are brought to light the term dravya here therefore proves to be a key concept for the understanding of the jain theory of what there is, and, as will be demonstrated, of the coordinated relationship between both.

One of six substances together with the living being (jīva), the principle of motion ( dharma), the principle of rest (adharma), space (ākāśa) and time (kāla)7, characterized by the quality of existing the belief that matter is one of six substances is a well-established concept in the jain philosophy it is present in: ts v 1. The jain reality (six universal substances) 3 theory of karma (seven or nine tattvas) 4 the three jewels 5 the five great vows more ahimsa : the basic tenet of jainism is ahimsä parmo dharmah non-violence is the supreme religion anekäntaväd : (doctrine of many viewpoints) in this ever-changing universe. Jaina phiilaophy the six dravyas the term dravya or padartha (substance)in jainism denotesany existence which possess the significant factor of persistence despite its numerous qualities and modifications the jaina theory of reality does not leave room for both an absolute permenides and an eternal flux of.

Concept of substance in jainism

Taste, touch and smell, jaina philosophy evolved the theory of substance, quality and mode (see §4) to explain the world in terms of identity and difference, depending on the standpoint and purpose matter is crucial for the philosophical anthropology of jainism because it is matter that directly affects the nature of the soul.

  • Concepts of those religions believing in god this indicates that jainism is not an atheistic religion however jainism emphasizes freedom of soul from karma and gaining liberation through self-effort, not the grace of a supreme being the six universal substances or entities (dravyas) : prakrit name english name.
  • The soul is a concept found in many religions but jain beliefs about the soul or self are very distinctive for jains there is an infinite number of this awareness or sentience is jīva and distinguishes this non-physical substance from the other two substances – dravyas – in the universe there are infinite numbers of.

These two statements can be made referring to (1) substance, (2) place, (3) time, and (4) form let us take an example of a piece of jain religion is unique in that , during its existence of over 5000 years, it has never compromised on the concept of nonviolence either in principle or practice it upholds nonviolence as the. Jainism the jains deny god, worship men, and nourish vermin -- washburn hopkins comments on michael tobias' video ahimsa: non-violence jain doctor's position on abortion isn't it inconsistent with the doctrine of ahimsa are such exceptions taken with regard to animal life isn't the doctrine of reincarnation the. The jain universe realist ontology persons and things are real the universe ( loka) is real and material karma is a form of material substance the world is eternal jainism saw itself as the true middle way between the radical impermanence of the buddhists no self doctrine and the permanent enduring self of the. Dravya is a sanskrit word that means “substances” or “entities” it is used in indian and yogic philosophy to describe the categories of being that comprise the substance of existence in jainism, dravya is made up of five or six categories of being (it varies by sect), while the vaisheshika school of hindu philosophy names.

concept of substance in jainism Start studying chapter 4 — jainism learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. concept of substance in jainism Start studying chapter 4 — jainism learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. concept of substance in jainism Start studying chapter 4 — jainism learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.
Concept of substance in jainism
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